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Streamline your business with Infinity today!

For nearly 30 years, we've worked with countless dealers and manufacturers to create the perfect business systems for OPE, Powersports and Agricultural dealers.

The Infinity business system was built from the ground up with cutting-edge technology like Microsoft® .NET and SQL Server.

This powerful, easy-to-use Windows®-based application uses innovative technology in numerous industry-specific features to handle every aspect of your operation:

  • Sales Orders
  • Inventory Control
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Shop Management
  • Customer Relationships Management
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Accounts Payable
  • Much more…

Click above or to the right to take a brief tour of some of Infinity's features.

Why Buy Infinity?

What should you expect from your company’s investment in Infinity by c-Systems?

Using Return on Investment (ROI) will help you understand the benefits of purchasing Infinity and how long it will take to profit from this investment.

To better understand Infinity's value, examine the impact of current issues on your bottom line and the cost to implement your goals — from decreasing billing errors to increasing profit margins.

Benefits of using Infinity include:

  • Productivity – Employees will accomplish more in less time.
  • Labor costs – Automate applications and reduce the number of people required to support your business.
  • Financial performance – Accurate financial reporting can improve payments on…
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