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Forum rules and guidelines
« on: March 21, 2012, 02:45:01 pm »
1.  The c-System forum was formed to provide logical feedback and information flow between c-Systems and our customers. We encourage and welcome free and open expression in our conversations, but please observe courtesy when expressing opinions.

2.  Please Keep it Clean.  If you have to ask yourself whether or not it's clean...Please Do not Post!  If you are not comfortable with your wife or young child looking over your shoulder and seeing it...Again, Do not Post!

Examples of inappropriate material to post include (but are not limited to):
·      Pornographic photos (including either full, partial or suggested nudity and see through clothing), images, and verbal depictions.
·      Profane language, including obscene slang terms.
·      Any form of racial slurs.
·      Any photo, image, or verbal depiction containing gore / “blood & guts.”   
·      Posting links to any of the above or any other type of inappropriate site that has nothing to do with the OPE, Powersports or AG industries. Links to any computer company or supply source other than c-Systems Software, Inc..
3.  Please No Personal Attacks.
4.  Do not advertise any other businesses or websites. This includes posting links to other businesses that provide products similar to those sold by c-Systems Software. 
5.  No religious or political discussions.
6.  PM stands for Private Message.  Do not publicly share PM's without the consent of the sender.
7.  The c-Systems forum is a customer service tool provided for c-Systems customers. When urgent support assistance is needed, please contact c-Systems direct at 817-649-3100. For sales assistance, contact c-Systems Sales at 1-800-334-3114.

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