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Revisiting Software Features – Customer Mailing Labels
Infinity allows you to customize and print groups of labels for mass mailings. Labels can be created for a variety of purposes.
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Introducing Infinity Features for KPM Dealers
c-Systems now offers new features for KPM Exceptional dealers.
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Preview – Infinity Equipment Rental
Shown here is a brief preview of the new Equipment Rental feature for Infinity. This first version will be somewhat basic but will allow dealers to rent equipment, manage their rental fleet, and maintain proper accounting.
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iCount – New Inventory Management App for Infinity
iCount inventory management is the first in a series of new mobile applications forInfinity. This new app will allow the user to easily update Inventory Count Lists from a capable smart phone or tablet. This app is currently in beta test and will soon be ready for general release.
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Canada's Fight Against SPAM
On July 1st, 2014, Canada started cracking down on the use of commercial electronic messages (CEMs) and how they are sent to its citizens.  CASL, or the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, is Canada’s first-ever anti-spam law to go into effect.  The enforcement of CASL is meant to encourage and increase their citizens’ confidence in using e-commerce, while protecting them from harmful things such as malware, spam, etc.
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Time Management – Time Distribution
In Time Distribution you can review all of the repair orders that were completed in the Mechanic’s Schedule feature, as well as their corresponding time cards.  Ultimately, you will assign these time cards with their related labor charges to action items on the completed repair orders.  This will indicate the Actual Time that was needed to complete the shop jobs and will allow you to bill out your invoices.
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